Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Introspectively Inspired ¦ 4 of 5 ¦ Hellos and Goodbyes

The end begins as it must start
With the familiar feeling of palpitations
The quickened heart beat that shrouds...
winds in the willows as our souls billow
As the sounds become shallow..
we wallow in our seasons of discontent
Leaving the echoes of symphonies intent...
Flayed on the embossed notions of our present
Harking to our past for the gift of clarity's presents.

The interludes are divined by our insights
Scoured by close intuition and irked by syncopation
The defined destines of moments insensitivity are
entwined by deal breakers enabling connectivity's validation
Curiously clinging on to familiarities memory
wishing for the comfort of coffee with chicory
wistfully wondering about the intimate intermissions
Caught in the updraught of fondled breaths,
heated depths and plighted jests we feign admissions

The start begins as it must end
with the familiar frustrations of dependant liberation
The independent dependants skewered viewpoints
straddled by contorted notions of self assurance
Weakened by the insistence of unheeded intuition
coupled with banal gestures of hope.. loosely flung,
cast aside from the embers of a once potent tote...
toting the changes till it ages the beauty of clarity's conscience
We hope for the visceral tapestry of a lucid mindset
knowing the change is consistent, hoping the journey is transient

Seyi Sage Awolesi 075113102010 | ...

We care, we share,
we evolve, we become paradigms of us
we lose the harm and hope for charm
as we calm to cram, so we understand US

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Muse said...

the end and the beginning are indeed one and the same- the end is always the beginning and the beginning is always the end....

very deep and yet so simple....