Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Tied around my neck

That noose... That draws ever tighter

The enigmatic notions of true falsehood

Waking in its mire.

The truth of our simplicity

I wake to questions of sincerity

Flushed from the lies I previously told myself.....

self about my selflessness, only to realise my self serving

Was never and perhaps... In actuality to do with a paradigm of me

The lewd texture of composure

Visceral in its vivid nuance...

Lead by self's doubts and quartered truths

Wilted by the reality of my alternate, redefined, concocted version

of whom I want to see versus the true me

Gray is the colour or my cowardice

I never knew the release honesty gives...

Till I tried crying with no tears...

Grief with no lewd jeers....

Honesty with no fear....

I've grown through being Naked.

© Seyi Sage Awolesi 115527102010...... Naked truth sets you free

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Introspectively Inspired ¦ 5 of 5 ¦ ...Forgetting me?

One day its about the intensity of essences moment,
the next its about mixed messages made from
uncomfortable energies.
The asthmatic approach to filtering truths
and filleting tales to be captured in the best light
Hastily added with the subplot of stark realities grin
knowing there are more layers to uncover,
we're left Grasping at weathered cliches

So I'm clapping with one hand...
Tapping one foot....
forgetting to remember and remembering to forget

Languishing in the transfixed gaze of memories familiar haze
we recoil from indifference and shroud ourselves prepping for a new phase
Wanting to touch but tempering our banal rights to be just
exploring the difficulties of silent trusts and gilded hurts
Echoing the past present versions of our improved illusions
Skillfully i heed warning signs....
to dismiss them as negations of my affirmations

So I'm clapping with one hand...
Tapping one foot....
forgetting to remember and remembering i mustn't forget

I'm forgetting the me of moments that time stilled
I'm understanding, to remember is subject to perspective
I'm forgetting the me of caustic language
I'm understanding, to remember action's consequence
I'm forgetting the me of obstinate grounding
I'm understanding to remember flexibility's jaunting

So I'm clapping with one hand...
Tapping one foot....
forgetting to remember and remembering i must forget

I'm forgetting to remember and remembering i must not regret
For I am my memories hitch
expressing my solitary dance step
I am understanding the quiet side of abstraction
I am understanding the retrospective me
Forgetting the chided me, knowing i am forgotten
I am for getting to that refined, renewed, reinvigorated me
Only because that is what i understand we need to be

So I'm clapping with one hand...
Tapping one foot...
forgetting to remember and remembering i will not forget

© Seyi Sage Awolesi 102701112010 | ...We often need to inflect to adapt for positivity to take root

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Introspectively Inspired ¦ 4 of 5 ¦ Hellos and Goodbyes

The end begins as it must start
With the familiar feeling of palpitations
The quickened heart beat that shrouds...
winds in the willows as our souls billow
As the sounds become shallow..
we wallow in our seasons of discontent
Leaving the echoes of symphonies intent...
Flayed on the embossed notions of our present
Harking to our past for the gift of clarity's presents.

The interludes are divined by our insights
Scoured by close intuition and irked by syncopation
The defined destines of moments insensitivity are
entwined by deal breakers enabling connectivity's validation
Curiously clinging on to familiarities memory
wishing for the comfort of coffee with chicory
wistfully wondering about the intimate intermissions
Caught in the updraught of fondled breaths,
heated depths and plighted jests we feign admissions

The start begins as it must end
with the familiar frustrations of dependant liberation
The independent dependants skewered viewpoints
straddled by contorted notions of self assurance
Weakened by the insistence of unheeded intuition
coupled with banal gestures of hope.. loosely flung,
cast aside from the embers of a once potent tote...
toting the changes till it ages the beauty of clarity's conscience
We hope for the visceral tapestry of a lucid mindset
knowing the change is consistent, hoping the journey is transient

Seyi Sage Awolesi 075113102010 | ...

We care, we share,
we evolve, we become paradigms of us
we lose the harm and hope for charm
as we calm to cram, so we understand US

Monday, October 04, 2010

Introspectively Inspired ¦ 3 of 5 ¦ Transition.

Winds blow, whistling whispers... whittling time away
Easily... I know it controls
I'm understanding what it means... relegated pasts

© Seyi Sage Awolesi 0310101125 | Haiku
... Accepting the ease of paved and unpaved paths...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Introspectively Inspired ¦ 2 of 5 ¦ Maim.

It is a perspective of a different reality...
just another vivid facet to my ragged tapestry.
I glide pass the puerile notions of divine...
stop to look back as it resonates swine.
It's sad I don't understand the excerpts of me anymore...
so I stay focused on my inherent flaws.
I joust this candid take on languid fakes to flee fate
forever losing the different parts of me that key into process

I walk the corridors of constant mirrored drowned drones
as your view of me unfolds

I've lost the visceral voice that conjures passion...
dwindled the resurgence that could be me

Its impressive the passive-aggressive nature of the...
close to you one moment, only to exude the
last lust dews of dust.
It's acted out so subtly, the tarred and feathered notion
of the clean, jerk and jitter
while the potency winters away from the comfort.
I could never savour the taste for long, because
I dither on the edge languishing for a while
then jump without hesitation into the abyss of frustration

I've walked the corridors of constant mirrored drowned clones
as your view of me is untold

You've lost the visceral voice that conjures passion...
dwindled the resurgence that should be you

Expectant of the impact
anticipating the pain
Bracing for my intended maim
still it never happens
yet it always does...
I still feel the rush of the wind and episodes of scenery and speed
hoping i wont pass this quandary on through this feed
knowing this too must fade to the past
but fasting so this ill feeling wont last

We've walked the corridors of constant mirrored cliched clones
as our view of us is unknown

We've lost the visceral voice that conjures action...
dwindled the resurgence that should be us

© Seyi Sage Awolesi 143406052009 |
... Flight...Impact...Realisation

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Introspectively Inspired ¦ 1 of 5 ¦ I just want to hear your voice.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder

the lack of your presence makes me flounder
The sound of your smile cracked my armour
I now feel vulnerable without your glamour
While you were here your essence flourished
Now that your gone.. words you spoke keep me nourished

I just want to hear your voice

I Jus wan hear u talk
Mo ko fe gbowun e

I'm serenaded by the advice,

given to steer me from vice
I've basked in your tone of your sound
been cradled by the calm of your words
The echoes in my mind of you being kind
kindled by the faith you chose to shape

I just want to hear your tone

I jus wan hear u talk
Mo ko fe gbowun e

The sweet melodies of fates melancholy

The potent memories of harmonies bliss
Keeping the fragrances of our borrowed times... wistful
Understanding the compassion of times gone
Knowing everyone knows the silent sound
I can't wait till one fine day ill hear you.. again

Mo ko fe gbowun e

I just want to hear your voice
I jus wan hear u talk

Sound leaves a memory, but only the melody tells the whole story

© Seyi Sage Awolesi 175306082010 | ... Missing the sounds of my filters... RIP